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zero_divisor's Journal

Zero Divisor - Complexity when there was None
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This is a community for the multi-fandom RPG with self-inserts and OCs between alexi_serenitia, destinylight, lilly_serenitia, and sakyu.

It's mostly the four of us messing around with our favorite characters and watching them have sex with each other, so yeah. Uh, the number of fandoms here is rediciously, but so far we have:
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Kingdom Hearts
-Howl's Moving Castle

And I probably forgot some.

The name is taken from a completely random Wikipedia entry, because it was late and we couldn't think of a better name. Plus, destinylight thinks math is cool. Of course, destinylight is a nerd and we must all hit her. This community was created on 4/23/06 after a very very very based suggestion by destinylight, who was feeling nostalgic for the RP this one is based off of. You may commence shooting her.

Not that you'd want to join, but even if you did, you can't. Not unless you're actually friends with us.

Needless to say, community will be entirely friends only because there will be some people out there who will not be amused by this at all. Yes, this RPG is completely shameless and self-gratifying, but to be fair, half the communities on LJ are.

Will add more once we feel like it.

actually awesome self-inserts, alexi, alexi serenitia, and all that jazz, and angst, and more angst, and more crack, angst, but mostly angst, canon (but only sometimes), crack, crossover pairings, desli, destiny's light, digimon, everything in between, fluff, fullmetal alchemist, gravitation, hate, het, howl's moving castle, ignoring reality, incest, kingdom hearts, lilly, lilly serenitia, love, naruto, original characters, role-playing, rp, sakyu, shamelessness, sonic, the fate of destiny, threesomes, twincest, utena, yaoi, yu-gi-oh, yuri